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dbi_functions_s Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

size_t(* conn_quote_string )(dbi_conn_t_pointer, const char *, char *)
int(* connect )(dbi_conn_t_pointer)
int(* disconnect )(dbi_conn_t_pointer)
const char *(* encoding_from_iana )(const char *)
const char *(* encoding_to_iana )(const char *)
int(* fetch_row )(dbi_result_t *, unsigned long long)
int(* free_query )(dbi_result_t *)
const char *(* get_encoding )(dbi_conn_t_pointer)
char *(* get_engine_version )(dbi_conn_t_pointer, char *)
unsigned long long(* get_seq_last )(dbi_conn_t_pointer, const char *)
unsigned long long(* get_seq_next )(dbi_conn_t_pointer, const char *)
int(* get_socket )(dbi_conn_t_pointer)
int(* geterror )(dbi_conn_t_pointer, int *, char **)
int(* goto_row )(dbi_result_t *, unsigned long long)
int(* initialize )(dbi_driver_t_pointer)
dbi_result_t *(* list_dbs )(dbi_conn_t_pointer, const char *)
dbi_result_t *(* list_tables )(dbi_conn_t_pointer, const char *, const char *)
int(* ping )(dbi_conn_t_pointer)
dbi_result_t *(* query )(dbi_conn_t_pointer, const char *)
dbi_result_t *(* query_null )(dbi_conn_t_pointer, const unsigned char *, size_t)
size_t(* quote_binary )(dbi_conn_t_pointer, const unsigned char *, size_t, unsigned char **)
size_t(* quote_string )(dbi_driver_t_pointer, const char *, char *)
void(* register_driver )(const dbi_info_t **, const char ***, const char ***)
const char *(* select_db )(dbi_conn_t_pointer, const char *)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 109 of file dbi-dev.h.

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